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What is Jewish Indigeneity? (Part I)

“First of all…when I use the word indigenous, I’m not talking about Mayan, I’m not talking about Pueblos, I’m not talking about any specific tribal peoples. I’m talking about from the point of view of the indigenous soul, which is not tribal specific. So, it’s the soul that I believe all human beings are capable of remembering given a good cultural surrounding…I’m one of those hopeful idiots who keeps thinking, you know,…

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A Moral Imagination

My partner and I are working on manifesting a farmstead – a prospect that is both scary and exhilarating. I am grateful for the clarity of purpose and vision that each of our conversations brings us. For the last 10-15 years, my relationship with “land,” “wilderness,” “nature,” etc. has been about getting to know the ecology of a place – the food and medicine that can be harvested, how fun rock climbing…

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An Evolving Eco-Theology

I recently attended the JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor, Food and Environmental Education) Network Gathering with a myriad of educators, rabbis, young adults, ritual leaders and elders. I attended a class called Earth-Based Judaism 101 taught by my friend and colleague Zelig Golden, founding director of Wilderness Torah. We explored biblical perspectives on ancient Jewish relationships with the natural world. My small group discussed the following textual passages: Numbers 21:18 — (18)…And from the wilderness a gift;…